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Schneider Downs’ 退出计划和继任咨询 pg电子游戏试玩 are multi-disciplined, fully integrated and holistic exit planning and succession solutions that are customized and designed for business owners by business owners.

Exit and succession planning is one of the most important strategies you will need to implement throughout the life of your business, 以及你是否准备今天开始还是10年后开始, 讨论越早越好.  pg电子游戏平台是唯一有资格为您提供创意的公司, options and innovative solutions to meet whatever objectives you have in mind.

我们将帮助你们解决制定退出计划的常见障碍, 解释为什么退出计划是重要的和好的商业策略, 帮助评估业主和业务准备情况, 找出交易杀手并应用 价值加速方法, along with identifying the solutions that best fit your objectives as well as 理解 the underlying tax, 现金流, 房地产, 商业和家庭方面的考虑.  我们利用一个经过验证的,行业领先的框架开发的 退出规划研究所ExitMap software solution to fully customize and develop your exit and succession planning experience.


Our Exit Planning and Succession Advisors are comprised of advisory professionals from five practice units—assurance and tax advisors, 业务咨询, 技术顾问, 企业财务和财富管理——实现无缝对接, 完全集成的退出和继承解决方案. 下载我们的 退出计划和继任pg电子游戏试玩概述 学习更多或 pg电子游戏试玩 从今天开始.  


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所以,无论你是否不确定自己的下一步, 正在寻找买家, private equity or public offering or thinking of transitioning to family, 密钥管理, 赠与赠与个人或信托的, 或者考虑员工持股计划, 施耐德·唐斯会听, 理解, 创建, 管理并全面执行你的离职和继任计划.



Consulted with a $125m transportation company with the implementation of an employee stock ownership plan as part of an ownership succession plan, including tax planning for the prior owner and assistance with conversion to an S corporation, 最终导致了显著的联邦所得税优惠.



Advised original founders / owners of longtime Schneider Downs client in the oilfield services industry on their initial public offering, 包括按照PCAOB标准完成审计工作. Worked collectively alongside Key Bank Capital (lead manager of the offering)



Advised the founders / owners-operators of $40 million manufacturer on their sale to a Fortune-100 company with complementary product lines. 买方的深度管理, sales and administrative infrastructure facilitated an immediate exit for the retiring principal owner and allowed other owners to move on shortly thereafter to focus on a separate high-growth startup.



从僵局到成功:施耐德·唐斯保留, 和其他顾问合作多年之后, to develop and implement succession plan for a $60M business owned by three (3) brothers. Schneider Downs formulated the plan in 4 months which ties together (i) voting control succession, (2)房地产的流动性, (iii)未亡配偶可获得的资源, (iv)残疾和退休诱因, (v)关键员工/顾问的参与.



Advised the sole owner/founder of an Architecture Design firm to transition ownership to existing management. We worked collectively with the sole owner and management to structure sale over time including 现金流 modeling to ensure sale of shares was economically feasible. This also included pre-sale planning to ensure goals and objectives of transition were achieved.



Advised the owners of a 3rd generation distribution and manufacturing firm on a sale of the business to a private equity group. The sale provided an all-cash exit for several family members who were outside of management, allowed one family member to reinvest a portion of his proceeds alongside the buyer and gave senior management a significant equity position in the company




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