主要联系人: Matthew Werner会计师, 丹尼尔·菲利普斯会计师, Michael Renzelman CPA

pg电子游戏平台, we go the extra mile and are in it for the long haul when it comes to serving clients in the transportation and trucking industry. 

交通 & 物流行业集团包括保证, 税, technology and management consulting professionals who combine their individual expertise to serve transportation and logistics companies throughout the United States. For more than 30 years, we have worked with multiple large clients in the top 100 and continue to provide innovative solutions to help our clients reach their strategic goals.

We meet on a regular basis to review and analyze issues central to this industry and understand the issues facing you today. We possess the capabilities and industry expertise to provide our clients with state-of-the-art technologies and timely communication of the most current and pervasive legislative and regulatory changes impacting the industry. 

运输 & 物流 Industry pg电子游戏试玩

pg电子游戏平台, we provide extensive and comprehensive solutions to our transportation and logistics industry clients including:


pg电子游戏试玩包括薪酬研究, 盈利能力和运营管理, business restructuring, 诉讼支持, 被保险, 燃料套期保值和司机保留策略. 了解更多


pg电子游戏试玩包括渗透测试, vulnerability assessments, ransomware安全, phishing simulations, 数字取证和事故响应. 了解更多

Exit Planning and Succession

pg电子游戏试玩包括退出计划和继任策略咨询, family business transitions, 所有者和业务准备情况评估, 交易杀手, 员工持股计划和赠与个人或信托. 了解更多


pg电子游戏试玩 include SOC reporting, third-party risk management, 内部审计采购和合作采购, 风险评估, 业务流程优化和IT风险咨询. 了解更多

Tax 咨询pg电子游戏试玩

pg电子游戏试玩包括税务规划和合规, 州税会计(ASC 74)和地方税(SALT), 成本隔离、信贷和激励(国家, R&D等.). 了解更多

技术 & Data

pg电子游戏试玩 include data analytics, business process automation (RPA), 软件咨询与数字化转型. 了解更多


pg电子游戏试玩 include business valuation, 尽职调查和收益质量(买方/卖方), and investment banking. 了解更多

Additional 运输 & 物流pg电子游戏试玩


运输 & 物流 Affiliations

We are active members of industry-related associations including the American Trucking Association, 国家会计和财政委员会, 宾夕法尼亚州卡车协会, 匹兹堡 Traffic Club, Ohio Trucking Association, 哥伦布 Region 物流 Council and the Council of Supply Chain 管理 Professionals (哥伦布 Chapter).

        运输 & 物流 Industry 资源


施耐德·唐斯认识到,每个行业都是不同的, 经常提出需要个性化见解的独特挑战, innovation and experience. Our experience in these industries is enhanced through participation in focus groups, 这些行业的独特之处是什么.  

欲了解更多我们pg电子游戏试玩的其他行业的信息,请访问 www.fengyiting.com/industries 或电邮至 (电子邮件保护).  


让我们来讨论一下如何防止勒索软件攻击你的公司. 直接给我发邮件 <a href='mailto:twarren@fengyiting.com?cc=contactSD@fengyiting.com'>在这里</a>.
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Company impacted by ransomware.
让我们讨论一下减轻贵公司税务负担的机会. 直接给我发邮件 <a href='mailto:dmorally@fengyiting.com?cc=contactSD@fengyiting.com'>在这里</a>.
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Inefficient 税 credit realization.


What Would You Say You Do Here?

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New Pennsylvania Electronic Payment Requirements for Personal Tax Payments Greater than $15,000 Beginning January 1, 2022.

了解更多 about the January 1, 2022年要求个人所得税支付等于或大于15美元,000 must be paid electronically.

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Apache Log4j Vulnerability Update

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Important Tax Savings 新闻 for the 建设 Industry: Meals Portion of Per Diem Rate or Allowance Now 100% Deductible for 2021 and 2022

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了解更多 about the increased exemption amount from the federal estate 税 in 2022.

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了解更多 about the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners 国际 Fraud Awareness Week.

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Tax Reform 2021 - Build Back Better: Proposed Changes to Section 199A Qualified Business Income Deduction

了解更多 about the proposed changes to section 199A qualified business income deduction under the Build Back Better Act.

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了解更多 about the estate and gift 税 planning opportunities under the proposed Build Back Better Act legislation and what those changes entail.

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了解更多关于最近IRS关于员工保留信用的指南, including clarity on Gross Receipts.

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Learn about the rise in scams related to the recent COVID-19 surge to be better prepared to identify and avoid these threats.

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Advanced Child Tax Credit

阅读美国救援计划对儿童税收抵免的改变 .

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了解更多关于HB 110将如何影响俄亥俄州的税收预算.

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美国历史上最大的勒索软件攻击.S. 周末假日

Learn about the largest ransomware attack on record that occurred over the 2021 Fourth of July holiday weekend.

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Ohio Update on the Unemployment Benefits Exclusion for Taxpayers Who Filed Prior to the Enactment of the American Rescue Plan Act

了解更多 about the unemployment benefits exclusion for Ohio 税payers who filed their 2020 税es prior to the enactment of the American Rescue Plan.

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